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Product Capability

With 20 standardized up-to-date production lines , Changyu is able to produce products from 100ml to 6000ml with blow-blow and press-blow technique. More than 700 molds’ choice and product customization capability meets different needs from customers.

Technical Team

Besides his own research and design team, Changyu also has long-term cooperation with overseas glass expert team.For instance,the American Glass Research Institute provides professional theory training, the Japanese team works in the factory and helps the company to improve the technique consistently, the European team is responsible for the building of furnaces and NNPB and PB technique. 

Strict Management

Relying on the digital quality control system built with network technique , Changyu is able to trace the quality of every single bottle for customers.

We adopt the full range of digital monitoring in every step from batching , melting, forming , inspection , packaging and delivery. The production lines are equipped with MCAL4,MULTI4 and Mx4 all functional auto-inspection machines. The products are packaged by highly automatic packaging lines and stored in the self-built warehouses with 100 thousand square meters. 

Changyu keeps improving its management level and passed ISO9000,ISO14000 and ISO18001.

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