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Products Name:750ml Burgundy

Product Number: 3292

Product Name: 750mlBurgundy

Shape: Straight

Color: French green

Weight: 450 g

Finish: Screw

Push up: 22

Diameter: 79.5

Height: 298

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    Changu Glass produces Antique Green, Dead Leaf Green, French Green, Flint, Champagne Green with capacity from 100ml to 6000ml, punt height to 55mm.
    -The bottles can be processed with different decoration technique like silk screen, frosting.
    -Changyu adapts the most up to date technique at production.
    -The production lines are equipped with advanced IS machines from Bottero Italy and all functional automatic online inspection machines from SGCC French.
    -The batch mixing, melting, forming are auto controlled by computer.  With strengthened cold end and hot end coating, the products are with stable quality, smooth appearance.
    -Under the management of ISO9000 , at online inspection the MX4, Mcal 4 and Multi 4 inspection machines are used to check the inner diameter, the surface and checks of finish.
    -The NCT and NCT+ are used for real-time thickness test. The ATLAS are used for real-time checks test. The OVAL are used for real-time ovality test.
    -The labs focus on controlling quantitative quality indexes. For example the advanced DSG auto glass measuring equipment from American Glass Research institute is used to test and record in real-time for all specifications and dimensions. The FHT auto test machine from AGR is used to -testater volume.
    -The 300mm digital projector is used to test all dimensions for screw finish.
    -The PERFILAB is used to test inner diameter of finish with a 0.5mm interval.
    -The AGR hot end coating test system is used to test hot end coating, etc.
    -The perfect combination of digital quality control with electronic VERTEC quality information system assures high quality products. 


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