Diverse colors for-
Wine, Beer, Spirit, Rum
Different shapes for-
Olive oil, Sesame oil, Soy Sauce, Vinegar
Multi-techniques as--
Frosting, Silk Screen, Hot Transfer, Painting, Spraying
More choices to-
Newly released products

Changyu Glass is developing its BI and BPC modules of SAP system with IBM
IBM is now developing the BPC and BI modules of the SAP system for Changyu.
CY and IBM Initiate ERP Project
To improve its management capability, Yantai Changyu Glass Ltd. is starting the first round of ERP project (ERPⅠ) in 2013 which will last 11 months.
The President won the Best Entrepreneur in light Industry of Shandong Province
Recommended by municipal light industry competent authority and provincial professional associations, evaluated committee of best entrepreneurs in Shandong Province, The president Yantai Changyu Glass Ltd. was awarded the honorable title Best Entrepreneur Province. ...


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