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About Us


Company Overview 


Yantai Changyu Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changyu Glass") was established on January 1, 1999. Its production base is located in Yantai Fushan Economic Development Zone. Two production lines have been completed and put into operation, with an annual output of 500,000 tons of finished glass. After the third phase is put into operation, the production capacity is expected to reach more than 800,000 tons.


Changyu Glass is a "National Standardization Unit for the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization". It has successively passed ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18001 and other management system certifications and FSSC22000 food safety certification. It is the first to obtain HACCP certification in the daily glass industry and is the second level of national safety production standardization. Enterprise, a benchmark enterprise in the construction of dual-system safety production systems in Shandong Province.


Changyu Glass has been awarded "Excellent Performance Award" by China National Light Industry Council for many years, "Excellent Enterprise in China Daily Use Glass Industry", "China Daily Use Glass Industry Meritorious Enterprise", and is the vice chairman unit of China Daily Use Glass Association.


Technical strength 


The main production equipment of Changyu Glass comes from Germany, Italy, France and other countries, and its hardware equipment is at the leading level in the same industry.


Changyu Glass has a municipal technology center, focusing on the innovative research and development of advanced technologies, and its product lightweight level ranks among the best in the industry. The independently developed winery-grade high-end wine bottles weighing more than 1000g and 750ml filled the domestic gap and participated in the drafting of the " "Energy Consumption Quota per Product for Glass Bottles" and many other industry standards.


Product Service 


Changyu Glass focuses on the manufacture of wine bottles. It has classic green, champagne green, dead leaf yellow, French green, emerald green, white, amber and other colors. The capacity ranges from 100ml to 6000ml. The products are not only supplied to Changyu, Great Wall, Well-known domestic wine producers such as Weilong are also exported to Pacific Rim countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. At the same time, it also takes into account the production of condiment bottles, beverage bottles, and beer bottles. The products are supplied to well-known enterprises such as Luhua, Xinhe and Budweiser.



1.Our vision 

To be the pioneer and leader of Chinese eco-friendly packaging supplier


2.Our mission 

Love glass, create better life for the world with glass

3.Our core values

Trustworthy and reliable, Customer and people oriented, Continue striving for excellence



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